An Original

Have you noticed that the fashion world has been inundated with the presence of owls?

I personally think owls are rather awesome. I am a member of the Wise WHO council. (Can I get a Whooo!)

Image taken by CherylI’d like you to meet Mr. Owl.  He is my oldest and dearest stuffed toy ever. I don’t know who gave him to me, or what I called him when I was little. (I didn’t start calling him Mr. Owl until sometime during high school.)
(Edit- I learned my mom gave him to me shortly after I posted this.)
Even though he looks battered and is not as spotless as he once was, he still plays Brahms Lully-bye when you wind the turnkey in his back.


And because I feel like sharing, I’m going to show you how I know Mr. Owl is as old and as dear as he is.

Image provided from family photo albumWe start with my mom finding out she is pregnant, a startling six months along. This picture was taken at the baby-shower. My mum is in the center, flanked on the left by Great Grandma Norwood and on the right by Grandma Ivy. (I think mum looks absolutely beautiful in this picture…)

Three days later I arrived. You read that correctly. I was born three days after the baby-shower.

2.5 months early.

Image taken from family photo albumThis photo was taken in August of 1975.  Eight weeks after I was born. The earliest pictures I have of me are at two weeks. I spent a long time in that little plastic box while everyone watched and waited to see if I would survive. Mr. Owl was there keeping me company.

Photo taken from family albumAccording to the date on the back of this picture I went home on September 9th. I weighed 4.5 pounds and wore doll clothes. This was also the day that the hospital finally took the “official” picture of me. A picture I still to this day refer to as the alien baby picture.

So as you can see, Mr. Owl has as far as I can tell has been with me through my entire life (and he hasn’t managed to get lost!). This may just have a little bit to do with why I like owls so much…

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