Pulling Threads

Pulling Threads

Issue No. 7,   October 03, 2012

Welcome to the seventh issue of Pulling Threads, the official newsletter of Picklesnot Design. Pulling Threads is a monthly publication intended to be a comprehensive look at what is going on with PsD.

Back at it

It seems that the hiatus of one month turned into several as time slipped through the strands of yarn. The break was much needed, however I was not idle. I’ve been doing a lot of learning in the last few months. About yarn, stitch patterns in both crochet and knitting, how not to write a pattern, and a plethora of other things that as a designer are rather invaluable. Why the sudden influx of knowledge? I started to work part time at my LYS – The Woolie Ewe.

Designs in the works

Owlie Spats image by CherylThe test phase of the Briar Rose pattern is taking a little longer than anticipated. Which naturally pushes the release for it off by quite a bit.

However, another pattern is just about finished. It just needs a few more tweaks and one more sample knit. This pattern was actually a commissioned request from a friend a little under a year ago. She asked if I could design a pair of spats for her daughter, Annika. She wanted them for a Steampunk Convention. The only things she requested was that the main body of the spats be white and the “trim” be in black. The rest was up to me.

It didn’t take me long to come up with an idea for the spats. The way in which it was executed took a little longer. What resulted is what you see in the picture. With permission, the pattern (which will be released by the end of October) will be called Annika’s Owlie Spats.

Autumn Happenings

While I haven’t had a lot of design time to focus on in the last few months, I have been afforded an awesome opportunity. I’ve been asked by the Woolie Ewe (and I accepted!) to teach some classes. I’m rather tickled with this opportunity. My first class will actually be meeting next week and I will be teaching students how to crochet bracelets. All of my current class list possibilities are crochet – which is really awesome as I do really enjoy crochet. I started with crochet and if I can inspire and teach others to crochet – so much the better.

For more information regarding any of the classes being taught at the Woolie Ewe visit their blog!

You know you want it

Interested in my patterns, free or other wise? You can find them here. When purchasing a pattern it will take you to Ravelry to finish the transaction and the pattern will automatically be emailed to you. Please remember that all patterns are in PDF form and require a PDF reader.

PsD’s Etsy Store still has some wonderful things available for purchase. Don’t forget that I take commissions as well!

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