Bag Swag

I have a confession to make. I’m addicted to bags. Project bags specifically. You know those big/little totes that can hold that perfect project? Yeah.

I. Want. Them. All.

I really don’t have that many. A hand full at most. And they all have some sort of meaning.

Image taken by Cheryl For instance:

Top left: Black Canvas Woolie Ewe bag – freebie from the first time I purchased yarn at the Woolie Ewe. It carried my sister’s PINK afghan while I worked on it.

Bottom starting on the left: Feed 10 bag. Purchased at Godiva Chocolates to support the FEED program.

Ravelry project bag. Winner of the anniversary contest on Ravelry. Second run purchase. Currently carries the sweater project for my soon to arrive nephew Gavin.

Pink/Purple polka dots. This was actually a gift from a friend. She asked what colors I liked one day and several days later presented me with this little bag. It’s been carrying my Les Miserables shawl project for the last several months. A project I now have to finish before the xmas release of the movie.

Last but not least, my newest acquired project bag, The YOLO YELLOW Camp Quest 2012 bag. It came about randomly. I was in the storage cabin at camp returning some tape when I saw these drawstring bags in the craft area. I decided to take one and make a bag for myself to commemorate the experience of Camp Quest. I picked up some fabric markers and headed towards the door, before I exited though I turned around and picked up enough for the girls in the cabin – in case they wanted to create their own bags. (You never really can tell if a project like decorating a bag will appeal to everyone.)

Image taken by CherylI started out by writing the cabin name on the bag in yellow and orange Then I decided I wanted to get everyone’s signature. It didn’t take long after that for the bags to be picked up and used. I managed to get almost everyone’s signature. (I am missing one!)

Now whenever I use this bag for a knitting/crochet project I will fondly remember the girls from Yellow Cabin and all the things that occurred.

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