Keep Calm

Stop. Take a deep breath. Let it go.

The last two weeks have flown by in a flurry of activity, consisting mostly of working at the shop and then crashing like a downed plane as soon as I get home. Things I want to get done (and need to get done) are left languishing as my body fights to regain an equilibrium.

I keep telling myself that things will get better, the pain will subside. But the truth is I don’t really know if that will be the case.  I haven’t had to develop many coping mechanisms because my work with Picklesnot was primarily in the home – which made dealing with pain issues very easy. Dealing with pain in a public setting is a different animal entirely. And it is something I am going to have to deal with if I plan on continuing working at the shop. (Which I fully am intending to do at this point.)

Pain management is but one aspect I am going to have to learn to juggle. After three weeks I am intensely aware that I have to re-balance activities and mental processes. Between knitting, crocheting, design work, reading, chores and a plethora of other small things I don’t know if I am coming or going lately. That needs to change if I want to remain sane. So a re-org it is.

So what did I do yesterday to prepare myself for the coming week?

  • Had lunch with friends (BBQ was yummy and the conversation was great)
  • Driving lesson in the Accord. I drove in city/suburb traffic to a secondary BBQ joint….
  • Took a nap
  • Did laundry (chore for the day)
  • Read a bit – Unshapely Things by Marc Del Franco
  • Calculated the cost of making the Gypsy Petticoat
  • Made Apricot and Cream scones

I’ll see how things go.

Hope everyone has a good start to the week!

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