The Acquisiton of Wonderous Items (Yarn!)

I know, I know! I just wrote a post about yarn.  That was before I came into possession of some wonderfully yummy yarn. (Yes, you can describe yarn as being yummy.)

First off I wanted to share the results of the handspun yarn project that I talked about previously.

Image by CherylTwo ounces of handspun is not very much when spun up as bulky yarn. However with a pattern like Kink and some major damp/weighted blocking you can create something that is rather beautiful. (And fits the recipient!)

This knit project was really quick and the only thing I fretted over (other than the fit before blocking) was what button to use.

I’m actually rather glad that I blocked the piece as severely as I did. Not because of fit issues, but because it brought out the stitch definition so well. Over all – love.

I was perusing Ravelry last week when I came across a pattern that used a type of yarn that I had never heard of before. Now, I know there are brands a plenty that I am not familiar with and that yarn can be made out of just about anything (seriously it can) and this was certainly one of those brands/yarns.

I came across a yarn composed of stainless steel and silk. You read correctly. Stainless Steel. It took me a few days, but I did eventually break down and order some. It arrived on Monday.Image by Cheryl

The yarn is made by Habu Textiles.  I ordered the A-20, 1/20 silk stainless, color 21 (69% silk, 31% stainless steel) in a violet color.

Neither the image that I looked at when ordering nor the image I took really shows how deep and really vibrant the violet color is.

The yarn is essentially a cobweb weight but is considered a lace weight. The stainless steel was originally used to create oil filters for automobiles. How cool is that?

The last acquisition of note this week occurred yesterday. I wandered over to the Woolie Ewe (LYS) for Knit Night as I do for most Tuesdays.  A week or so ago the shop received its first shipment of new yarn in quite some time. (I was there for the arrival and checking in of said shipment.) Time constraints kept us from getting the yarn out on the floor until last night. It was a real treat to be there for the unveiling of Wooly Wonka Yarns – The Woolie Ewe is the first LYS in Texas to carry WWY.Image by Cheryl

From the moment we opened the boxes I knew I was going to purchase at least one skein. I couldn’t resist the colorway called Library. (Seriously? There was no way I was going to walk away from that!)  I didn’t have a clue what I was going to make with the yarn, I just wanted it.

Wooly Wonka is based in Northern New Mexico and dyes yarn in small batches. They offer a variety of weights. I’ve had the opportunity to see several sock weights, dk weights and a lace weight in person.

The yarn I walked away with yesterday was of the sock weight variety called Nimue. A merino wool/silk blend… it’s soo squishy! The colorways I nabbed were Library (the darker of the two yarns) and Harbor Fog. To top it all off there is a pattern that highlights the Nimue yarn that uses exactly 1 skein. It is called the Lizzie Shawl.* [According to the designer it was inspired by her favorite literary character Elizabeth Bennett.] So of course I purchased that as well.

I already have my eye on some lace weight in a particular colorway called Ophelia. If it is still in the shop next week I may snag it, though I highly doubt it will remain in the shop for long and head home with a customer. I will just have to wait for the reorder.

If I am not careful, my yarn stash is going to explode.


*link will take you to ravelry pattern page

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