What a Week

Recall my lamentations a few days ago? It seems that it was just the quiet before the storm.

Here’s a little peek at what happened:

  • Monday – while at a local coffee shop, enjoying the company of friends, I received a call about the LYS (local yarn store) [Turmoil, drama, unknown future for the last 2-ish weeks surrounded said LYS and many of us in the community were rather worried about the possibility of loosing a wonderful LYS.] which prompted me to do something I haven’t done in a very long time. Brush up my resume.
  • Tuesday – Knit Night. Arrive at the LYS with resume and sample work in hand. Within 20 minutes of my arrival I began filling out the requisite forms and was hired.
  • Wednesday – 1st day at the shop as an employee and there is a Celebration Sale. Talk about trial by fire. Endless stream of wonderful people (some of whom I know personally from Knit Nights) and all that yarn… Dead on my feet by the time I arrived home. Missed Wednesday Night Dinner.
  • Thursday – Uh, they gave me the day off because it’s my birthday. For some unknown reason I felt  the need to sort through my own yarn stash – really sort through it – and set everything straight….

This morning an email went out extending the celebration sale until Friday. So I expect it to be busy. Saturdays the shop is always really busy; because of course it’s Saturday and everyone has the time to come in and get cozy with the yarn.

While these events aren’t clearing up the dissonance I’ve been feeling, they certainly seemed to give me a boost in the right direction and that’s something.

Did I mention that working at the LYS is like a shot of creativity to Picklesnot Design’s pattern design ideas? There’s no telling what will happen with all that access to yummy yarns.


    1. Cheryl

      Thank you! There are some plans in the works for Picklesnot Design Patterns to be sold through the LYS as well as some other things. It’s rather exciting to think about.

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