The Evolution of a Design

Briar Rose Pullover by Cheryl via Instagram
If you happen to follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you will have seen this picture late afternoon yesterday. The caption accompanying the image was “Briar Rose progress”.  This is all of the work I have done for the last week or so.

Shortly after I took this picture, I ripped it all apart. Yes, I undid Absolutely Everything. Reducing it back down to a pile of yarn (or in this case balls).

Now why would I do a thing like undoing more than a weeks worth of work? What was I thinking?

I’ve mentioned before that Briar Rose (I really love that name, seriously.) is based on my shrug pattern Thistle. You can see the elements in the collar and the cap sleeves. Heck, even the stitch counts are the same, making the math that much easier for sizing. The math is exactly what I was testing in this sample.

By the time I reached this point I knew the numbers worked out. And while I was cool with the stitch-work (types of patterns – garter stitch, seed stitch, stockinette) I was already debating other options within the design. So why not change things up even more? So I decided to ditch the garter stitch in the collar in favor of something else. (You’ll see what I mean the next time I post a picture) From there I thought of other things, small details, like split seams on the sides, extending the seed stitch to the sleeves and so forth.

The Briar Rose design evolved. It evolved into something that, in my opinion, will stand on its own while still giving a nod to the originating idea. And it makes me ridiculously happy to be working on it.

So, yes, I have a pile of yarn. But that’s a good thing.

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