A Trip to the Zoo

Several weeks ago I decided that I wanted to go to the Zoo. I’ve lived in the Dallas/Ft Worth area now for 6-ish years and have yet to make the trip. After making the suggestion for two weeks in a row, Matt and I finally made the drive to Ft Worth to take in the sights.

Here are some of the pictures that were taken during our outing.
Images by Cheryl

The Ft Worth Zoo is pretty big. Actually it’s really big compared to the Zoo’s I’ve been to in the past. One of the things that stands out the most is that the entire zoo is practically covered in foliage, providing an abundance of shade from the sun during the hot months of late Spring and all through Summer. It’s definitely something anyone living in Texas can really appreciate.

There were a lot of “hands on” exhibits. By far our favorite was feeding the birds. (top left picture, bottom right) We purchased a couple of feeder sticks and wandered into the the aviary. There were tons of Budgies and Cockatiels flying everywhere, landing on branches and being feed by other patrons. Matt and I feed a pair of Cockatiels that decided they didn’t want to simply sit on a branch or feeder stick but on our fingers as they picked at the seeds.

The Silverback Gorilla (center top pic) was the first of the Primates that we visited. His enclosure was amazing. It had a waterfall that was so loud you could barely hear a thing. It prompted a discussion on how other exhibits were built to keep the animals calm.

We watched a Meercat try to climb a brush tree to get some berries in another tree. It got stuck and then had a hell of a time climbing down. Meercats are not natural climbers…now digging on the other hand.

There were quite a few bird exhibits. I loved seeing the owls (center pic). When we went through the Gulf Coast exhibit Matt insisted that I take a picture of “his bird” So I did (bottom center pic). Some exhibits didn’t have signage immediately visible but that didn’t matter much. I kinda squealed when I saw the Kookaburra (top right pic). From that point on I was humming or singing the Kookaburra song for the rest of the day.

I loved watching the elephant. It swayed back and forth a lot. After watching it a few minutes we wondered if the elephant had perhaps been acquired from a circus as it looked like it was going through a routine that it remembered.

I think the Alligator Snapping Turtle was the most surprising thing to see (bottom left pic). It was like looking at something ancient. A living breathing Dinosaur.  It was…amazing. The only other turtle I took a picture of was one that reminded me of the turtle in Finding Nemo (right center pic). He was hanging out in the same area as the touch tank that had Starfish, Mussles, and Horseshoe Crabs.

We walked the entire length of the Zoo and then rode the Yellow Rose train back to the entrance.

After leaving the Zoo we meandered into Ft Worth towards the historic stockyards and grabbed a bite to eat at Cooper’s BBQ before heading home.

I enjoyed the expedition to the Ft Worth Zoo quite a bit and look forward to taking my next trip there.

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