On the Knitting Needles

Well it’s Friday. After three posts about food I thought perhaps you might like to see what isn’t going on in the Kitchen…

The first is – well the second actually. Recall I’ve been working on a new shrug pattern? This is my second sample. The first sample was made in a yarn that was discontinued. While it would be fairly easy to find a yarn that is similar, I felt I needed to make one in a yarn that is still in production. While I wait for my tech editor and test knitter to go over the pattern I am working on this. (This is the hard part – waiting to make sure everything is clear and concise before sending it out into the world …) By making this second sample I am also able to show how different yarns behave even though they are the same gauge.

The second is something that is actually going to match the new sample shrug. Image by CherylThe circular thing in the left corner is the beginnings of a hat.  A slinky hat to be precise, designed by Lauren Adams. This project was started on a whim before I even started the second shrug sample. Each piece (hat and shrug) are made from completely different yarns – one is fingering weight, the other is worsted weight. And they from completely different yarn companies too. Yet the colorways MATCH PERFECTLY. It’s rather eerie. And yes, when I realized the yarns matched in color I knew that this would end up being a set.

The third and final project that is currently on the needles is a cardi. I mentioned it in my last yarn related post. It took me three false starts, changing yarns, and realizing that I was making my yarn-overs incorrectly to even start the pattern.   phoebe image by CherylThen I had issues reading the pattern and getting the lace to match up. It was verging on a total disaster! I was getting so frustrated, however cooler heads prevailed and I asked Leigh to go over the pattern with me to a) see if I am just misreading or misunderstanding the pattern. Or b) the pattern is poorly written and riddled with mistakes.

I can say that it is a little of both. I misunderstood how to read the pattern and the pattern is poorly written in some aspects. Now that I know how the pattern is written I’ve been able to move forward. The picture above is of the front left side. This will be the first project that I seam together. I’ve been very careful to keep track of my row counts and repeats to make sure I can match the pieces up later.

So that’s it for the moment. Three projects all going simultaneously whilst other things rummage about my brain.

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