Chocolate Bomb

During the week it took for me to gather the ingredients for the Cheddar and Bacon Scones I posted about on Monday… (Oh look, I need heavy cream. Got it. Wait. Do I have baking powder?) I was overcome with the “Dammit I want to make something right now!” ailment.

A peek into my pantry yielded very little help until my eyes fell upon a cake mix purchased a month or so ago. Sitting next to it was a small tub of frosting. I vaguely remember having purchased the items to make a cake as a dessert for a Wednesday Night Dinner or something like it. I do remember Matt having picked the combination of cake and frosting. Triple Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Fudge Frosting.

I pulled the box cake out of the pantry along with the tub of frosting and set about making the batter. I debated with myself which pan to bake the cake in until a brilliant idea struck me. (No one was hurt, promise!)

I had toyed with the idea of making cake balls but didn’t have the required chocolate coating for the outer shell. What if I made the cake ball mixture and instead of making balls I make a series of small cakes? Maybe I could use the left over frosting to decorate the cakes.

[If you don’t know what cake balls are you should take a gander and look at Bakerella’s webpage. The woman is amazing…]

So I decided what heck, and decided to give the idea a shot. I made the Triple Chocolate cake as directed in a 13×9 pan. Once baked and cooled for a few minutes I crumbled the still warm cake into a bowl and added a huge spoonful of the frosting to it. Now the trick to getting the consistency right is to start off with less frosting. The doughy mass only needs to hold together. I usually end up using a little less than half a tub of frosting.

With the cake ball mixture ready, I pulled out a small ramekin to help portion and form the cakes. In no time at all I had six perfectly portioned (if some what oddly shaped) cakes resting on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. The cookie sheet went into the fridge to allow the mixture to firm up until I was ready to top them off with frosting.

As the cakes firmed up in the fridge I realized that using normal frosting might overpower and be too much for the cake. However I couldn’t just leave the cakes naked. The baker in me shuddered at that thought. No, the cakes had to have something on them. A glaze might be light enough to balance out the denseness of the cake.

Three days later I finally got around to doing just that. I pulled the cakes out of the fridge, arranged them on my cake platter, and glazed the tops with a store bought chocolate glaze. Later that evening I offered them up as a dessert to go with the first barbeque of the season.

I sent two of the cakes home with a friend that night. The next day I received a text message:

Ok, the food yesterday was great…but I just bit into the chocolate bomb and you definitely gotta make those again!


Using the chocolate glaze was the right move! Huzzah! (And yeah, I preened. Wouldn’t you?)

Chocolate Bomb by Cheryl

If you are looking for something quick, but not every day cake, you might like to give this a try. The combinations could be endless. Oh, I might try lemon next time.

Chocolate Bomb

1 boxed cake mix of your choice

1 tub of frosting of your choice

1 bottle of glaze. (Duncan Heinz makes a chocolate and a vanilla glaze)


Bake cake according to directions. After cooling for 5 minutes crumble cake into a bowl and mix with small amount of frosting. Continue to add frosting until the cake has incorporated the frosting and holds together on its own.

Form cakes in what ever manner you would like (Heck I just thought of using cookie cutters or biscuit cutters!) Place cakes on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes or until ready to glaze.

Heat glaze according to directions and glaze cakes. Serve cakes at room temp. Enjoy!


  1. J.C

    you know, I don’t think you can buy ‘frosting’ in a tub over here. I think that’s like icing? I wouldn’t know what kind though… I shall have to investigate!

    1. Cheryl

      Frosting and icing are completely interchangeable words here. The most popular store brands here are duncan heinz, and betty crocker. They are usually right next to the boxed cake mixes and come in just as many flavors.

      As I mentioned in the the Tea, please post, I find word usage very interesting. 🙂

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