Get-up and Go, Got Up and Went

I have been a hot mess this last week. Pain Flares were not very conducive to my getting anything I wanted to get done done.  I finished the shrug I mentioned in Pulling Threads. Just this morning I finished tech writing the pattern for it. The crochet pattern? Not so much.

Instead there have been naps, with some reading in between. A lot of cooking – I made Whole Wheat Lasagna and Devil’s Soup this week along with some very yummy Tilapia.

I picked up a pattern book this Tuesday from the LYS. It has the perfect little sweater in it for some yarn that I was given for Christmas. There are six patterns in the book. All of which are really cute and will likely be made at some point.  Phoebe (the image pictured) is the first garment I am going to be making though as this is the pattern that will suit the yarn best.

I was glitter-bombed last weekend during an outing with Matt. It occurred in a Sephora. Why did I walk into a Sephora? I recently had my hair colored again (Red and uh…magenta) and Matt thought it would be neat to find something that would match the magenta. Half an hour after entering I left the store with Urban Decay glitter eyeliner on my eyes and and Nars lipstick covered with Make Up Forever lip gloss on my lips. Not to mention a little bag filled with items that complimented the magenta in my hair. This was after I had gone to Dillards for their Clinique bonus days.Image by Cheryl The picture doesn’t quite do the the color of the lipstick justice. Apparently my iPhone likes to pull out the orange in things.

I also went in search of (and found) a pair of running shoes. I had a choice between two color variants a bright fuchsia and aqua blue or a silver and purple. I went with the second choice even though I have been told the brighter the running shoes the better. I learned that I have a neutral gait which is a good thing apparently. Now the only thing I need to do is get used to running/walking with them without giving myself shin splints again.

I really hope there is an end to this flare up.


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