Pulling Threads

Pulling Threads

Issue No. 3,   March 5, 2012

Welcome to the third issue of Pulling Threads, the official newsletter of Picklesnot Design. Pulling Threads is a monthly publication intended to be a comprehensive look at what is going on with PsD.

How Did I do that?

What? It’s already March? National Crochet Month, you say? But I’m not done! That’s right, there was a snag in the math for the Little Bo Peep Shrug that I talked about in February. And well the math is rather important to the process of duplication. The writing out of the pattern proved to be more difficult as well and has forced me to re-think the approach I took to constructing the garment. So the Little Bo Peep Shrug has been taken back to the drawing board so to speak.

National Crochet Month

March is officially known as National Crochet Month for many fiber artists. Originally the Little Bo Peep Shrug was going to be my contribution this year, however, because of the drawbacks another pattern will be released in its place. In a week and a half I will be releasing a new crochet glove pattern. Actually it’s not so much new as a reinterpretation of my very first crochet design – A Touch of Lace Gloves (Offered for free through the Pirate Hooker in 2009) Believe me,  when I say I feel like my pattern writing skills have come a long way since writing Touch of Lace. So keep a close look out for the new crochet pattern!

A Look Forward

My math hasn’t been incorrect for this!Shrug Design by Cheryl (Even if I personally can’t follow my own instructions!) What you are looking at is the first round of testing for a knitted shrug. What you are seeing in the picture is essentially what it will look like sans buttons and ribbing for bottom edging.

The test yarn being used is actually discontinued. I wanted to see how it would work up for the pattern. I will be making another one in a yarn that has not been discontinued and should be widely available before releasing this pattern into the world.

Some particulars about the pattern so far:

  • Worsted Weight Yarn
  • Raglan sleeves
  • Top down construction

You know you want it

Interested in my patterns, free or other wise? You can find them here. When purchasing a pattern it will take you to Ravelry to finish the transaction and the pattern will automatically be emailed to you. Please remember that all patterns are in PDF form and require a PDF reader.

PsD’s Etsy Store still has some wonderful things available for purchase. Don’t forget that I take commissions as well!

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