Chocolate and Wine

In a previous post I mentioned the organization Foundation Beyond Belief and how I was asked by a friend to assist in making scarves. A few weeks prior to that there was mention of a separate fundraiser involving a chocolate and wine tasting. I was encouraged on all sides to attend and help out the volunteer organizer. [Which I didn’t know he was until the day of!] It didn’t take much encouraging once there was mention of chocolate to be honest.

The event took place this past Saturday (Feb. 19th). While most of the chocolate and all the wine had already been purchased there were a few things that were still required and the afternoon was spent in pursuit of those things. In the pouring rain. I seriously need to invest in a pair of galoshes.

Arriving at the event location an hour or so before folks were scheduled to arrive we set about getting things ready.

Foundation Beyond Belief FundRaiser  FEB 2012 by Cheryl MeizlishThat didn’t bother anyone though as there was plenty of curious conversation going on regarding the types of chocolate and wine being provided.

Over 7 pounds of chocolate – just about all of it in the dark percentage ranges [60% – 100%] the higher percentages being used for melting purposes once combined with a lower percentage.  Milk chocolate was represented as well as “white” chocolate. Also represented were some flavored chocolates – ancho chili, coffee & sea salt, burnt caramel, orange, and black current are the ones I can name off hand.  (The black currant was by far my favorite of the evening.)

Plenty of wine was to be had as well – though I couldn’t tell you a single thing about any of them as I did not partake.  Chalk that up to nerves and meeting new people.  In addition to the wine and chocolate there was a raffle for various books by Richard Dawkins. From what I gather one of them was even signed.

I met some very lovely people over the course of the evening and had so many varying and interesting conversations that I was quite surprised when things began to wind down that it was closing in on midnight. It was announced that the event garnered over $300 (this figure might be slightly off as my memory is a little hazy on if this includes on-line donations as well) and it was confirmed that the volunteer event organizer wanted the funds to be spread evenly across all the current charities being sponsored by FBB.

Clean-up was monitored by the location hosts orange cat, Largo. He was a task master to say the least and voiced his opinion every chance he could. In other words he was just as cute and adorable as could be.

Even though I was completely exhausted the next day I was glad that I participated in the Chocolate and Wine Tasting event. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and found it not so bad…then again…there was chocolate.




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