What Is That Sound

This past week has been busy busy busy with design work. I imagine that there might have been steam coming out of my ears at one point as I worked out details on not just one pattern but two! Yes, I know I said I wasn’t going to start the second design but I couldn’t help myself.

Henry was all sorts of not happy this morning.

(Where are my legs human! I need my legs! Wait…what is that clicking sound?)

His mood did not improve as he realized what I was doing and he continued to glare at me the entire time I worked.

What was I doing? This – Yes, the click click click sound was the row counter counting away as I passed the shuttle back and forth on my knitting machine.

I am sure that Henry was asking himself Why, in the name of all fibre I was doing something that had a high likely-hood to make my day go horribly wrong.

It’s actually a valid question. I’ve been know to curse up a storm that would cause sailors to  turn red and threaten the lives of those around me when things did not work on this machine. Matt looks genuinely worried when I mention I am going to be working on it.

All that aside though, there was a good reason for me to pull the KM out and work with it. I was test swatching yarn to see if I could use it on the machine.  Why?

Last week a friend emailed me and asked if I would help with a project. Foundation Beyond Belief is about to have an auction fundraiser and it was suggested that she might donate a sweater or some such thing to the auction. A sweater was out of the question as the return for the investment was not worth it. (Meaning it would cost a lot more than the auction for the item would bring in.) She still wanted to donate something so she came up with an idea. She recalled that I had a knitting machine and asked if I would help her make several scarves. By making the base panels with the machine time would be saved.

Since I had just recently done some research on  Foundation Beyond Belief and can get behind what they are trying to do (not to mention helping a friend) I agreed. And thus at 8 o’clock in the morning on dreary Monday I was working with the knitting machine.

It’s a nice little break from all the design work that’s been dominating everything. The crochet pattern (which I am debating on calling Little Bo-Peep) is roughly half way finished being written up. In trying to keep things simple I am doing an awful lot of writing though.

The second design is also for a shrug. It’s knit and has buttons. I’m really looking forward to revealing it later this month (or in March). Keep a look out for more sneak peek pictures to come.


    1. Cheryl

      Thank you. I do think it’s a good cause. Foundation Beyond Belief sponsors up to 5 different causes each year. When you donate you can decide where your money goes. I like the humanistic approach.

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