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Image provided by googleThe first time I heard about this particular show was from Rachel. She simply gushed about it. I was intrigued but did nothing to follow up as it was on the BBC and I do not get the BBC. (And I couldn’t be bothered to go looking for it online.)

Fast Forward to 2011.

There is buzz building about a show on BBCA (BBCAmerica for those that don’t know) I am again intrigued. Because now I am made aware that one of the show’s creators is none other than Steven Moffat – you know, one of the writers for Dr. Who. But I still don’t catch it.

Fast Forward to January 2012.

I’m hanging out with Leigh and Philip for the day and Leigh asks if I’ve seen Sherlock.

“Not Yet.”

“Would you like to? It’s streaming on Netflix right now.”


As we watched the first episode “A Study in Pink.” I realized just what I had been missing. I was utterly floored. The cinematography, the dialogue, just everything about it screamed that it was my type of show. Benedict Cumberbatch’s (Sherlock) portrayal is simply brilliant. And I adored Martin Freeman (Watson) immediately.

True to Rachel’s observations two years ago, Sherlock is by far the best modern adaptation I have seen. I even made the same comment about the use of cellphones. And really, I have to say I love the 90 minute episode style.

We managed to get through two episodes that day before I went home. I made sure that Leigh knew that we needed to get together again very soon to finish it. We did so this past Tuesday.

I was amused by the title of the last episode in the first series (the British call their seasons series…) “The  Great Game.” And just knew that I was in for a treat. I wasn’t wrong.

This was the episode in which we finally lay eyes on Sherlock’s greatest nemesis – Moriarty. Want to know what the first thing I said after seeing him on screen? He’s Irish isn’t he? It was subtle, and I only detected the accent in the vowels. Leigh actually looked the actor up on Imdb – Andrew Scott – and found that, yes, he was in fact Irish.  Whether it was intended or not, Scott’s mild accent added to the performance, it made me wonder just how mad was this man?

I came to the appreciation party late, but I won’t be the last to leave. I am very much looking forward to the next series.


  1. J.C

    We LOVE Sherlock. It’s AMAZING. OMG and the second season?!?! GAH! Just you wait. The only bad thing is that there are only three episodes in a season… and that the wait between seasons seems unending. Brilliant TV. Hubby loves it too, and I am using that to try and persuade him to finally give Dr Who a chance…

    1. Cheryl

      There are only three eps a series yes, but they are each 90 minutes. Which is a lot longer than a regular show. As for the wait – the reason is that our dear Doctor Watson is also filming The Hobbit…

      I thoroughly enjoy Dr. Who when I catch it. I can see how it would be hard for a person that isn’t familiar with the mythos that is Dr. Who to get into the show. I only knew that it was an old show when they brought it back Stateside. It was a total kick to find out that they simply went on the premise that the show never stopped, so there was always a Dr. about. 🙂

  2. J.C

    See, I don’t really remember Dr Who from my younger days, so I came in as a ‘new’ fan a couple years ago with the current Dr. Love him 🙂

    We umm ‘obtained’ the second season just a few weeks ago. The long episodes are fantastic 🙂 hard to find time to watch them uninterrupted with small kids who wake lots though! lol You will enjoy it, a lot.

    1. Cheryl

      *gigglefits* Actually it’s a possibility that Phillip “obtained” the second series the same way. I am not even sure that they have aired here yet.

      I started watching Dr. Who two doctors back with the one prior to Tenet, when Rose was the companion.

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