Pulling Threads

Pulling Threads

Issue No. 2,   February 1, 2012

Welcome to the second issue of Pulling Threads, the official newsletter of Picklesnot Design. Pulling Threads is a monthly publication intended to be a comprehensive look at what is going on with PsD.

One, Two, three

You know that sound. The sound of counting as you chain the foundation or cast on for a project. That would be me right now. I am happy to report the first test run of a new pattern for PsD has been successfully completed. At least, so far in that my idea for the shrug worked out.  It went from this (which is great in it’s own right):

Image by Cheryl via InstagramTo this:

Image taken by Cheryl via Instagram

I am absolutely thrilled with the results of this test run. It looks exactly how I imagined it would. Now all that remains is to duplicate the process and write the pattern down. Oh, and come up with a name. That would be good. Can’t have a pattern with a name.

Interesting facts about designing this project so far –

  • The yarn I chose to work with for this is 100% cotton
  • The crochet stitch is based on the Irish Lace Scarf.
  • It only took ONE skein of yarn to make! (50 g, 112 m)

I should also mention that this shrug actually fits me which means that size wise it should be roughly a medium. The initial design does not have sizing variants, but I think that it could be easily sized up or down according to what you will need.

A Look Forward

February is beginning to look like a busy month. With the goal of publishing the above pattern and talks of a commissioned pattern going on in the background; it’s not surprising then to learn that I already have my eye on the next idea. The yarn is speaking to me. Loudly.

You know you want it

It’s February, that means Valentines Day is around the corner. Why not get something for your sweetheart? And if you don’t have a sweetheart-screw it and get something pretty for yourself! PsD’s Etsy Store still has some wonderful things available for purchase.

Interested in my patterns, free or other wise? You can find them here. When purchasing a pattern it will take you to Ravelry to finish the transaction and the pattern will automatically be emailed to you. Please remember that all patterns are in PDF form and require a PDF reader.

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