Where Did Last Week Go?

What, wait? A week passed and not a single blog entry for me again? Where is the time going? Oh, yeah. That’s right. Skyrim. Yes, folks I have yet again fallen victim of the time suck that is a video game. Just as I did with the previous two Elder Scroll games from Bethesda.

Deadlines? Bah! Who needs deadlines? Thankfully I do. Because if I hadn’t set them before my initial stint playing Skyrim nothing would get done. And I mean absolutely nothing.

Last week was filled with more than just playing of the Skyrim. There was plenty of organizing in printed patterns – which was actually finished for the most part today. Taxes for the last year were filed. A visit from my mum was in order as I had a procedure done on Friday that had me under anesthesia.

But yes, a lot of Skyrim has been played. If you don’t hear from me for another week you know where to find me – In front of the telly with a controller in my hands and a cat on my lap vying for attention, playing all the Skyrims.


    1. Cheryl

      I didn’t actually buy it. I borrowed it from a friend that started playing Star Wars: Old Republic – the new MMO game. I honestly knew what I was getting into when I asked to borrow it, so there really is no one to blame if I don’t manage my time properly to get things done.

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