Creative Bits of Yarn

This is a scarf. I call it the Round-A-Bout Scarf. Because the creation of it came in a round about sort of way. It went something like this:

“I need a scarf.”
“Do you want me to make one for you?”
“Would you?”
“I don’t see why not…”

And just like that I was tasked to make a scarf for my sister. The only suggestion she had was that she wanted it to look like marble (black & white). As you can see, there is more than just those two colors in this scarf. That is because I found yarn that I could not resist using and I know my sister likes pink as well.

The Round-A-Bout Scarf is crocheted and is well over 6 ft long. (She also wanted it to hit her waist when she “tied” it – which today I found out I will have to teach her…)

My last project for the year is finishing up a pair of gloves. I’ve mentioned them before. Today I managed to get the second glove all the way up to the thumb gusset and to the point were the thumb is separated when I realized I needed my 5th DPN. Which I can not find. So I’ve set the gloves aside for the rest of the evening and will pick them up again in the morning once I’ve figured out what to do about the missing DPN. I’ll be thrilled to have these pretty purple fingerless gloves wing their way to their owner. She’s been waiting very patiently for them.

The Purple Prose gloves (I just decided their name) are the 14th project for 2011. One of those projects include designing the Winterberry Cowl.

Once the gloves are done I will not be working on anything new until the beginning of the year. I’ve got several designs plotted out in my head that will be put to the test come January.

This little beauty is my new chair.  When I was asked what I wanted for Christmas I responded with my two usuals – the kitchen aide and the spinning wheel. However I also added a chair for the studio so I wouldn’t have to sit at the desk in front of the lap top while working directly with yarn. I also said I wanted a foot stool/ ottoman.  I’m quite pleased with this chair. It’s from Ikea. We have one in our living room as well. It’s very comfortable to sit in for long periods. The downstairs chair is used primarily for video gaming, so it has been tested. I can see myself spending quite a bit of time in that chair over the coming year.  (And I can see Henry trying to oust me from it too!)

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