‘Tis The Season

I mentioned yesterday that I (along with Matt) did some holiday decorating. In our hunt for shatter proof ornaments (for out peace of mind and Henry’s safety) we came across OU branded items. Normally I would not have entertained the idea but one look at Matt and there was no way I was going to naysay his suggestion. (Besides they were the only shatter proof ornaments we found that didn’t have glitter on them.) We picked up a few other ornaments and a string of red lights. The above image* is the results of our efforts. I’m rather fond of our little tree.

The first holiday card arrived in the mail last week and the ever present question of “What do you want for Christmas?” has been asked numerous times now. This has always been a double edged question for me. Over the course of the year I can come up several items that I would like, for instance – the Ladybug Spinning Wheel and a Kitchen Aide Mixer in Susan G. Komen pink. But ask me what I want for the holidays just before and I go completely blank.

This year I tried to be a little proactive and managed to put a gift list together. But I can barely remember what I put on the list when directly asked. So I am going the easy route and sharing those lists here. Yes, there are two.

The first list is available at Amazon – Cheryl’s Christmas List for 2011.  It took me two days to even start putting this list together as I am so used to simply getting books for my Kindle on Amazon and don’t search for anything else.

The second list is over at a site called KnitPicks. It’s purely yarn and knitting based. And has just about everything I can think of that could possibly need or want regarding my fibre enthusiasm – KnitPicks Wishlist.

I actually wish that the website for King Arthur Flour actually had a wishlist option as I am positive that I could come up with a ton of things I would like from there – but perhaps it’s a good thing that it doesn’t.

I placed my first order for presents intended for friends and family just this week. Starting much later than most in these endeavors and apparently risking not having gifts arrive on time according to several sources.

The Holiday season also tends to bring out the charity in most people (though that is something that should occur year round) This year we participated in the Angel project through Matt’s work. Matt related the story of shopping with his colleagues for their chosen Angel to me. It certainly warmed my heart.  We also made contributions to GoodWill.

How has your Holiday Season been so far?



*Clicking on the image will embiggen it to a size that can be used as a desktop background if you so desire.

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