Another week has gone by and nary a blog post from me in sight. I blame the ick-ti-tude that has washed over me this past week or so. Call it the holiday blues/funk…whatever you want.

Looking back I’ve actually done a lot of blog worthy things this week, I just couldn’t bring myself to write about any of it. I finished reading The Wise Man’s Fear, made progress on a shawl/wrap, started some design work, caught up on a ton of shows that have been waiting for me to watch on the DVR and there has even been some holiday decorating.

Lethargy sets in mere moments after thinking about writing these things down. I’d rather go take a nap. (Which I have been doing a lot of.) My mind has, for lack of a better term, checked out for the rest of the year. In essence it wants a vacation.

So that’s what I am going to do. Take a vacation. Posts will appear randomly until the end of the year. But do not be surprised by long bouts of silence. Once January rolls around things will pick up again and there will be plenty of things to talk about.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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