Catching Up – Books

As some of you may know, I started reading Patrick Rothfuss’s The Wise Man’s Fear some time in November. I acquired it for my Kindle through a library loan and had 21 days to read the 1000 page tome. Unfortunately I never made it past page 18 before the book had to be returned. (Chalk it up to my poor planning of time and the many responsibilities that accumulated during the month of November.) When I checked to see if I could get the book again there were already two others on the list. Needless to say, I did not put a request in.

Just after I started reading, Matt finally decided to pick his copy up. His reasoning being that he had better start reading it since I had already begun. When I mentioned that I no longer had the book on my Kindle he asked how far I had read which led to my telling him that if I decided to continue reading it I would just read his copy. Since we read at different times there wouldn’t be an issue of who gets to read the book when we are both home.

I had several book marks left over from the baby shower in early November so I grabbed one and wrote Matt’s name on it. (He was using the book flap to keep track of his place-this was not an ideal situation as I was roughly 100 pages behind him.)

For the last few days I’ve been reading for a few hours during the day and Matt has been reading for several hours at night. Before he starts reading we talk about what I’ve managed to read. We discuss the characters and the scenes. Compare notes on what we liked best so far. I think we both agree that Rothfuss is rising high on our list of authors that we must follow regardless of how long it takes for him to write a book.

The Wise Man’s Fear is not the only hardcopy book I am currently reading. For several years now I’ve been trying to locate a copy of Cornell Woolrich’s book Waltz into Darkness.  I first heard of the book when I watched the movie Original Sin staring Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas. It was a movie that had a surprisingly good story. I learned at the end that it was based on Cornell Woolrich’s book which is no longer in print and is not available in e-reader formats. I spent a lot of time searching used bookstores for the off chance someone might have sold a copy back. My search finally ended when I did a random, on the fly search of the local library catalog. It took about a week for the book to travel from where it was being held to the library closest to me, after so many years, I certainly had the patience to wait a little longer.

Waltz into Darkness is considered Noir, something I hadn’t considered when watching the movie adaptation. After having read several Noir short stories and delving more into what Noir is as a genre I look forward to reading this piece of fiction. How can I not when on the cover of the book New York Newsday is quoted saying, “Along with Raymond Chandler, Cornell Woolrich practically invented the genre of noir.” ?

What are you reading now?

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