Nanowrimo 2011 Day #14

Today marks the beginning of week three of this grand writing adventure. This years snack/reward of choice is a bag of peanut-butter dove chocolates. I am almost out of the orange foil wrapped goodness.

As far as word count goes, I made great strides in catching up today writing more than 3,000k throughout the day to reach a total of 24,385 words. Not that much further until 25k!  And as any participant will tell you, once you pass that 25k mark the last 25k seem to fly by. It’s as if there is a magical barrier that you cross and you can breath easy.

I already know that my project will not be finished when I hit the finish line, but that’s alright. I have the rest of this week to write before my schedule starts to fill itself with things that take priority. We’ll see how things go.


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