While I promised Matt that I wouldn’t work on Nanowrimo while taking our three day vacation. I didn’t promise not to blog.

So yes, vacation. We’re doing a city vacation – exploring a city we’ve never been to. For this trip we decided to explore Austin.

By the way, I am currently blogging from my phone, so consider this a live update.

Our first stop on this exploratory vacation isn’t actually in Austin. No, it’s actually just off of I35 near Waco @ exit 353. The town is called West, the place – the Czech Stop.

This wasn’t a random decision. The Czech Stop was recommended by several of Matt’s co-workers when he was planning the trip.

We stopped there thirty minutes ago for our first meal of the day.

The Czech Stop is well known for their baked goods. And I could see why immediately when we entered. Their cases were filled with authentic kolaches of all types.

The line moved briskly, when we stepped up to order a short woman with steel gray hair greeted us and took our order. 2 apple kolaches and 2 sausage w/cheese kolaches. I grabbed a bottle of water while she heated them up for us. Once purchased we took everything back to the car and began to eat.

Oh em gee. Best kolaches ever. We immediately made plans to raid…er stop there again on the way back.

Definitely a great start to this vacation.


    1. Cheryl

      I expect this vacation to be filled with food and lots of walking. I’ll likely post more complete blog entry up after I get back.

      Been taking a lot of pictures.

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