My Dearest Apologies

To whomever may read – last week was not a week that I ever wish to have again. Everything I intended to do went by the way side as health issues kicked my patootie and my focus was simply to get through each day.

I’m feeling better so I am hoping to get some things squared away and resume with regular posts.

Things that are coming to Loose Endings –

A Designer Spotlight – I talk with Amie Hirtes of Nexstitch about designing crochet and her cat Roxie.

A peek at some Nanowrimo prep.

One or two book reviews…


    1. Cheryl

      It certainly isn’t pleasant. And I’ve found that I really do have to take things one day at time – which can be irksome to say the least. But I can function and that is an improvement.

      Kudos, by the way, I think it’s a brilliant idea to take some time for yourself. It will go a long way in keeping you sane the older your girls get. 🙂

    1. Cheryl

      Thank you. The problem with being on an upward swing is that inevitably one falls back again. But I will enjoy the upward swing while it lasts.

      1. Kyrsa Lee

        That’s all you can do. I’ve found that if you live fearing the next downward slide with pain/health then you aren’t really living at all.

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