Click Click Click….

*click, click, click, click* That my friends, is the sound I hear from the keyboard of my computer. It is a sound that will become more prevalent the closer to November it gets. Why?

Because November 1st is the start of Nanowrimo. And thousands upon thousands of participants are warming up for the 50k dash to the finish line.

I plan on participating this year, just as I have since 2006. For the last few years I’ve managed to finish (and surpass) the 50k mark by the time Thanksgiving day rolled around. My hope is to be able to do this again. The family voted to have Thanksgiving at my house this year.

Writing and hosting Thanksgiving does not mix. The sooner I am done writing the better. (Or at least less than 1k away from the finish line at that point.) Not only will it be better for my waistline. I can relax and enjoy the start of the holidays with family and friends.

Do I have a story? Plot? Characters? Not yet. But that’s alright. I will by November 1st. In the meantime I’ve been reading, collecting images and sourcing new music to listen to while writing.

Are you participating in Nanowrimo this year? If so what are you doing to get ready for the event?



  1. J.C

    I hope your idea comes together nicely! Sounds like an excellent plan to have it finished off before Thanksgiving.

    I’m not participating – no way can I do that many words in a month right now – but I’m hoping that one year in the future I’ll have the energy for it.

    1. Cheryl

      I know you’ve participated in the past, and have done plenty of other challenges like it…you understand what the whole thing is about. And I am equally positive that you will participate again in the future. 🙂

      I always tell friends that say they don’t think that they can write 50k that the point isn’t to write that many words, it’s simply to write. Doesn’t matter if you don’t reach the “finish line.”

      I use Nanowrimo as way to explore different techniques in writing styles or genres I don’t normally delve into.

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