Winterberry is Coming

Winterberry Close UpIt’s been quiet around the Picklesnot Design Studio the past month. Why? Because I’ve been busily working on a new pattern. For the better part of September I swatched various yarns to determine the right weight and feel I wanted to achieve. Once the decision on yarn was made I began knitting up my ideas, and writing the pattern down as I went. As with most things my initial idea morphed as it grew on my needles. By the time I cast off, there were only a few original portions from my sketch remaining. From this stage I did a quick bit of math to check that my sizing chart would work.

Last week I handed the pattern over to a test knitter. To me this is one of the most important steps. It doesn’t matter if I can understand my pattern, it only matters if someone else can. It’s the first step in tech editing the pattern.

It is my goal to have the pattern ready for sale by the end of October. Just in time for the cooler weather.


Winterberry is a cowl pattern, intended to be a quick project easily made within a couple of hours.

The name of the pattern, Winterberry, was inspired by the colors in the test yarn and the berry color pallet that is pervading the Fall Collections of many shops.

Winterberry will also be available as a crochet pattern.



  1. Cheryl

    Thank you! I am in the process of translating the pattern from knit to crochet and am enjoying the learning experience.

    I haven’t forgotten about your gloves. They are almost done.

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