Designer Spotlight: Tiny Owl Knits

How can I describe TinyOwlKnits (Stephanie Dosen)? In one word? Whimsey.

How would Stephanie describe TinyOwlKnits?

Tiny Owl Knits patterns are designed by Stephanie Dosen, an American singer who lives in London with her unicorn, two cats & a hefty yarn stash riddled with gnome families.

My first encounter with a TinyOwlKnits was in 2010 when in a Random Act of Kindness a member of Ravelry gifted me with a crochet pattern for a pair of wrist cuffs called Alice in Wonderland.

The pattern itself was simple and easily understood. But what made me sit up and notice was the little note added at the end…

oh and dont forget to make two. *^v^*
unless of course you only want one.. like if you are going through some sort of michael jackson phase… which is only natural… although not really so much anymore… so if you are going through a latent michael jackson fashion phase it seems you are an original, and may be so far behind you are actually ahead! excellent. wear these to chase your pet white rabbit. and also.. keep in mind if you see like a cake or something and it says “eat me” on it, you might want to think twice about actually eating it.. i mean really, your food shouldn’t tell you what to do right? anyway, see if you can get a friend to taste it first… happy rabbit chasing… the world is your WONDERLAND! love, stephanie


Yes, I smiled when I first read it. I still smile today. Several months later while cruising along Ravelry for inspiration I came across another pattern by TinyOwlKnits.  This one titled White Rabbit Wrist-ees. Immediately I wanted the pattern and as it so happened it is one of the few that Stephanie offered for free.  These wrist-ees were clearly inspired by the recent remake of Alice in Wonderland starring Johnny Depp. They looked exactly like the pair that Alice wore in the movie. (In an interesting twist, my version of the the wrist-ees ended up looking like the Cheshire cat in the Disney film.)

It’s not hard to see where Stephanie draws her inspiration from.  With patterns named Where the Wild Things Are, Hopsalots, Orchids and Fairylights, and Bedknob and Broomsticks – All you have to do is step beyond the looking glass to see what she sees. And if you can’t do that, just watch Stephanie’s vlog about her newest pattern called The Bee Keepers Quilt which has been all the buzz around the Ravelry community for weeks now.


TinyOwlKnits has a very loyal fan community. (The Ravelry group dedicated to TOK has 3746 members and continues to grow!) Even when she’s busy, Stephanie seems to be able to take time to chat with her fans and you can find her most Fridays randomly giving away a pattern or two in a thread called Free Pattern Friday.

To learn more about Stephanie Dosen and TinyOwlKnits visit her website, visit her on Ravelry, or visit her Etsy store to browse through (and buy!) her wonderful patterns. You can also follow her on Twitter.

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