A Partnership Of Sorts

Many of you may have already seen this particular picture when I posted it on Facebook the other day.  What you may not have known was that I was having a mini photo session with several other pieces of jewelry as well.

Some time ago, before I honestly decided to move forward and expand on what Picklesnot Design would offer in terms of product, I had a discussion with a friend about possibly listing some of her work.

Naturally it was an exciting idea, I was in the middle of exploring Jewelry making and the pieces I had seen her make blew me away. But as I am wont to do, I hesitated, I waited, then I simply didn’t think about it again…until last week.

What happened last week? Nothing spectacular really. I just decided to clean the Studio up a bit. In doing so I came across the notes of the original conversation and the small sampling of jewelry we thought to start off with. Combined with the fact that I just recently came into possession of a dress form (You have no idea how giddy I was at getting a simple dress form!) I decided to get my photographing skills on and do a photo-shoot.

Two hours later I had pictures that I felt were suitable for three of the necklaces. It was fun and very inspiring. It also reinforced that I really should invest in a new camera at some point. Though truthfully, I had a lot of fun messing with the different films, lenses and flashes that are available with the app that I used on my iPhone.

This morning I spent some time on Etsy actually making listings for two of the three necklaces. I didn’t have enough information on one of them to comfortably list it.

Now that these items are officially listed I feel I should announce that Picklesnot Design in partnership with Tale Spinner Studio will be selling handmade Jewelry by Dana K.

[For anyone that is interested in the necklace featured in this blog post – it will be listed as soon as possible.]

I’ve got a plethora of pictures still to take. Expect to see more pieces to be put up over the next week. Go check out what’s new!

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